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Xzilon Ultimate Appearance Protection


Xzilon® was initially developed by Granitize Products, Inc. for the aviation industry. Granitize Products, Inc. manufactures and markets a full line of appearance protection products, detail products and service chemicals since 1930. Xzilon® has been formulated in different versions to add additional protection performance benefits for the automobile, aviation, granite countertops, swimming pool and eye glasses industries. Currently, Xzilon® is being sold at automobile dealerships all over North America.



-Originally Designed for the Aviation Industry
-It's Not a Wax - It's Molecular Adhesion
-More Complete Coverage Than Traditional Products
-Protection From Common Appearance Events
-Submit Claims Online








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Rust Protection 






Corrosion protection
"Finally, an environmentally friendly way to protect your entire vehicle body."

Fighting rust is a must. Despite advances in auto manufacturing, to continue enjoying your new investment you're going to need corrosion protection that goes beyond the manufacturer's limited rust warranties. And while you're at it, why not make the environmental choice?

Final Coat is proud to offer you the most advanced corrosion protection available, our electromagnetic rust inhibitor, the CM-3000. The product of over 14 years of research, the CM-3000 is proven up to 99.7% effective in reducing the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal.

How does electromagnetic corrosion protection work?
This eco-tech module, installed by your dealer, sends our patented RF pulse-wave signal around your entire vehicle, protecting the sheet metal surfaces of your vehicle inside and outside.

■Electromagnetic surface protection up to 99.7% effective in reducing the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal.
■Total perforation protection, even when caused by stone chips and scratches.
■An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sprays.
■One-time installation.
■Easily transferable to your next vehicle.

Warranty Guarantee
We're so confident of the effectiveness of the CM-3000 that we back it with the best warranty in the business on vehicles up to 7 model years old and newer.

Ask your dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and pre-owned vehicle coverage.



Exterior Paint Protection
"Keep the showroom shine. Elevate your paint protection to aircraft quality."

Keep your vehicle looking show-room new with Xzilon®, the most advanced exterior paint protection available. Originally designed for the aviation industry, Xzillon® molecular adhesion technology is certified for all Boeing and Gulfstream aircraft.

What is Molecular Adhesion technology?
Xzilon® surface protection (an exclusive Final Coat product) is different than other protection products because it is not a wax. It has been specially formulated to bond directly with your vehicle clear coat finish to provide not only a lasting protective barrier, but also a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that resists adhesion.

Protects against the effects of:

■bird droppings
■tree sap
■road tar
■acid rain and industrial fallout.


Protects the vehicle exterior from:

■paint bubbling
■excessive oxidation
■loss of gloss or fading

Warranty Guarantee
10 years for new cars, 7 years for used cars.

This product was initially tested and approved for the aviation industry and is now available for commercial vehicles.


Exterior Paint Enhancer
"Before you protect your paint finish - why not make it glow. Apply our enhancement product and boost the look of your vehicle."

Our Final Coat Exterior Paint Enhancer brightens and shines your vehicle's exterior paint. Will make the paint on even new cars look better.

But it doesn't stop there. Our EPE also protects your vehicle from oxidization, loss of gloss and fading. And there's no need to wax your car... ever!

Warranty Guarantee
Our EPE includes a warranty against permanent paint surface damage, including loss of gloss and excessive oxidation or fading due to bird droppings, tree sap, road tar or acid rain.

Ask your dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and pre-owned vehicle coverage.

Interior Protection
"It's like having invisible seat covers, so enjoy the great indoors."

Final Coat's Interior Protection products are specially formulated to protect your interior against stains from food or beverages. They provide a powerful and invisible barrier that remains effective even after numerous spills.

Fabric, carpet, dashboards, leather and vinyl are all protected. And there is no effect on appearance.

■Protects interior against food and beverage stains.
■Fabric, carpet, dashboards and leather included.
■One-time application remains effective even after numerous spills
■Does not change the natural feel or look of your interior

Warranty Guarantee
Warranted for up to 10 years depending on the age of the vehicle. Vehicles three model years old and newer have a bonus coverage for accidental rips, tears, cigarette burns, and faded or cracked leather.

Ask your dealer for more details regarding qualifications, conditions, requirements and pre-owned vehicle coverage.



Warranty Comparison
The best coverage. The best warranty. No loopholes.

All Final Coat products have been rigorously tested and proven effective. We are so confident in our products, we're offering the best warranties available. We believe that you should continue to enjoy your vehicle with confidence and peace of mind well beyond the limited warranties of vehicle manufactures.

Here's a comparison of Final Coat warranty terms and those of vehicle manufacturers.


Rust Through Perforation
(Hole From Inside-Out Only)
Sheet Metal Corrosion
(Paint Bubbling)
Outside-In Perforation Corrosion
Rust Through (Hole) From Stone Chips,
Scratches or Chipped Paint
Permanent Stains (Interior) From
Accidental Food or Beverage Spills
Accidental Rips, Tears & Burns (Interior)
Up to 10 yrs. No Mileage Limit
 Up To 5 yrs. 100,000 Km
Up to 10 yrs. No Mileage Limit
 Up To 36 mths. 60,000 Km
Up to 10 yrs. No Mileage Limit
Up to 10 yrs. No Mileage Limit
Up to 10 yrs. No Mileage Limit
Up to 10 Yrs. No Mileage Limit










Frequently Asked Questions



Will the Final Coat electromagnetic corrosion module drain my car battery?


The module does not drain your vehicle battery. It only draws 1/3 of 1 milliamp to power the technology which is 40 times less power than any other module on the market.



Has the Final Coat electromagnetic corrosion protection technology been tested and approved by independent, non-biased agencies or organizations?

YES, the Final Coat electronic corrosion protection module underwent extensive additional testing between 2002 and 2004 at the government's request.

It is proven that it does indeed help to inhibit corrosion. Tests show a 98% to 99.7% reduction in corrosion on automotive sheet metal panels.

For a complete list of testing organizations, see our Lab Tested page.


What do I do if the module light does not come on when I press the test button?

Check the connections in your vehicle then the inline fuse, if light still does not come on bring your vehicle back to your selling dealer.


Why should I choose Electromagnetic corrosion protection over traditional rust sprays?

The Final Coat electromagnetic corrosion module covers areas of your vehicle that traditional sprays do not. For example: the vehicle frame, areas above the window line, seams and much more.

The electromagnetic corrosion module means you never have to spray again. Spray contains harmful petroleum products that are washed off into the environment.


My car already has some rust; will the Final Coat electromagnetic corrosion module help?

Yes, the module will slow down the process of rust even if there is rust present before installation. The module is proven effective up to a 99.7% reduction in corrosion.


Exterior protection


How do I clean my vehicle after Exterior paint protection (Xzilon®) or Exterior paint enhancer has been applied?

We suggest regular routine washing and general maintenance. Wash your vehicle every 2 weeks if possible, waxing is not required. If using a car wash, we strongly recommend touch less car washes. We strongly recommend using any neutralized car shampoo.


Can I wax my vehicle after Exterior paint protection (Xzilon®) or Exterior paint enhancer has been applied?

Yes you can but it is not needed. If you are going to wax your vehicle use any NON-abrasive carnauba wax.


What should I use to wash my car?

We strongly recommend using any neutralized car shampoo that can be purchased at any automotive retail store. DO NOT use anything abrasive.


If I am in an accident and my car requires to be re-painted, do I need to re-apply Exterior paint protection (Xzilon) or Exterior paint enhancer?


Yes, contact your selling dealer and set up an appointment to have them re-apply the product. Before applying any paint sealant consult with a vehicle repair specialist to ensure any new paint has properly cured prior to reapplication of Final Coat products.


What do I do when I get bird droppings, tree sap or insects on my vehicle?

Clean them off as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. If permanent damage occurs, please contact your selling dealer to initiate a claim.


Interior Protection


What do I do when I get a stain on my seats?

First clean the stain yourself with hot, soapy water (mild detergent) and if that does not take out the stain return to you selling dealer to initiate a claim.


I am a smoker, am I covered for any accidental rips, tears or burns?

Yes, with Final Coat's 24/7 warranty you are covered for any ACCIDENTAL rips, tears & burns provide you have purchased our interior protection. For any additional question please contact your selling dealer.


How often should I clean my interior?

We recommend you vacuum and clean your interior fabrics/leathers on a regular basis.




How do I initiate a claim?

Contact your selling dealer regarding initiating a claim.


How do I know if the damage is covered?

Refer to the backside of your warranty or return to your selling dealer for help.


I'm starting to see a little red rust, do I have a claim?

No, what has occurred is a stone chip or scratch has caused bare metal and bare metal is protecting itself. Do not panic, simply apply some mild compound to a cloth and rub it off. Follow this by applying some touch up paint to the unpainted surface.




Can I register my warranty online?

Yes, log onto and follow the appropriate steps.


I have moved, how can I change my address on my warranty to match my new one?

If you have registered your warranty already the task is easy, just simply login to your account and change your address. If you have not register you warranty than please go to and follow the appropriate steps to registering your warranty online. For any other questions you can contact our warranty administrator at 1-800-952-9058 or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Can I transfer my warranty?

Yes, to transfer your warranty please contact our warranty administrator at 1-800-952-9058 or email them at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and they will be more than happy to assist you.








Missisauga Volkswagen offers 3M Paint protection Film PPF for any vehicle. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a durable, high-grade, colorless urethane film that is applied to the high-impact areas of your vehicle; hood, bumper, mirrors and door edges that take the brunt of damaging road debris. This virtually invisible barrier protects against flying road debris, abrasions and also resists weathering and yellowing in sunlight. If you are tired of all the little nicks, small rock chips, dings or small dents on the front of your hood and bumper area, than 3M PPF is for you.
Watch a short video below to see this car's front bumper. See how the PPF saved the paint!!!! The car was side-swiped by another car and instead of a costly body shop repair, the film was removed and new film was later installed after the video. This saved the customer an expensive trip to the body shop.




This is just a sample of how 3m PPF can save you money vs. expensive body shop repairs. This vehicle scraped a cement column in a parking lot. Without the protection film, this would have resulted in an expensive body shop repair. Instead, the 3M PPF saved and protected the bumper only causing the paint from the cement column to get on the film itself. The end result was the vehicle not having to go to a body shop and have the bumper cover replaced and painted. Also there is no down time with your vehicle being tied up in a body shop for days on end and you paying for a loaner car on top of it all. A small investment in 3M PPF resulted in saving an expensive trip to the body shop.




  1. How likely will you get a rock chip on the bumper or hood?
  2. How long will you own/lease your vehicle?
  3. If you lease, will the dealer charge you to repair your vehicle due to rock chips or small dents and dings on your front bumper?
  4. How likely will the vehicle’s paint be exposed to the outside elements?
  5. How likely will the vehicle be driven under direct sunlight?
  6. How likely will you park in a lot at a mall or shopping center?